Semiprivate lessons in Danish

Do you have a study partner? Or do you want us to find an appropriate one for you?

Semiprivate lessons in Danish can as private lessons follow either a flexible or a fixed schedule and take place at either your or our premises. We’re offering a well-structured course that garanties you at least 33% of the speaking time.

Online course materials are including soundfiles, always accessible for your homework.

If you wish to complete A1 together, we will target that in 16 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

What do you get?

  • Full proficiency at a reduced price!

  • An exceptional expert tutor focusing 100% on you

  • An active, useful Danish from day 1

  • A close to perfect pronunciation

  • A huge vocabulary in short time

  • A fast progression
  • The absolutely best developed and result making concept on the market

Our Semiprivate lessons are available at our premises in Copenhagen or Aarhus.


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“I took an intensive private Danish course at Danskbureauet in 2009. Ea is a fantastic teacher, and the course was precisely tailored to my needs. After just one month of high-paced learning, people stopped switching over to English when I tried to communicate in Danish with them. Three years on, and I still happily recommend Danskbureauet when someone asks where I’ve learned Danish so well. The best investment I’ve ever made! :)”

Zsusanna Sükösd, Århus Universitet
“Through my time spent in Denmark, Danskbureauet has been an integral factor in spurring my Danish language development. I’ve taken a Danish crash course, as well as private lessons for years. I had also attended the municipality’s Danish lessons and these extra lessons at Danskbureauet always gave me an advantage. So, yes, if you want to sharpen the blade and cut through it all, I recommend Danskbureauet.”
Torval Thronberg, Ticketmaster
“I took private Danish classes at Danskbureauet. I only had positive experiences: they identified my language problems, and helped overcome my difficulties with fluency. The classes were always focused and structured, and I also appreciated the flexibility in time.”

Noemi Rozlosnik, DTU


Full immersion

Do you need a gentle yet efficient push into finally speaking Danish with confidence or do you simply need to learn the language bottom up on a tight deadline?

Intensive private lessons

Are you looking for a goal-oriented course at a steady pace? Intensive private lessons in Danish ensure a continuous progression. We plan the entire course load before starting the program, and stay committed to your progression throughout your course.

Conversational Danish

Activate your Danish fast and efficiently in a small team with lots of interesting conversations