“These classes are shockingly better than the typical Danish class ones. I took private lessons and, in a few months, I evolved many times more than I had before. Of course, it requires extremely high commitment!”
Franciso Camara, DTU
“The quality of the teaching is exceptional. My teacher is extremely knowledgeable about the history and mystery of his profession. He has also adapted to my learning style and practical needs without complaint or hesitation.”
Simon Tulloch, Dansk Selskab for Patientsikkerhed

“I love everything about Danskbureauet. From kind people responding quickly all my emails, with questions about the course, to our amazing teacher, book and the structure of the course, its intensity and a fact we were only 8 students at class. I cannot imagine learning so much if we were 20 students in class like they are in other language schools. Also I really appreciated we didn’t play games and we didn’t waste time on “talk to your classmate and give each other feedback” exercises. All the feedback was coming straightly from our teacher, which was great. Time was always flying during our classes, even though they were actually long. I can see a progress and I would love to continue with Danskbureauet if my schedule allows it in the future.”

Veronika Mikulasikova, Direkte Dansk 1

Har du nogen spørgsmål?

Ring til os

“The best course structure I have ever come across. I would recommend it to everyone who is willing and have the time. Absolutely superb”

Yllka Misini

“High quality, committed and somewhat tough teachers. The perfect place to learn Danish if you need a little push”

John Ndege
“I took an intensive private Danish course at Danskbureauet in 2009. Ea is a fantastic teacher, and the course was precisely tailored to my needs. After just one month of high-paced learning, people stopped switching over to English when I tried to communicate in Danish with them. Three years on, and I still happily recommend Danskbureauet when someone asks where I’ve learned Danish so well. The best investment I’ve ever made! :)”
Zsusanna Sükösd, Århus Universitet

“I opted for the crash course of 6 hours before my PD2 exam and I would say that I was pleasantly surprised at the end. I think for me the biggest achievement was that I felt very motivated and confident at the end of the course. The structure of teaching was extremely professional and useful. I would recommend it to others who have signed up for PD exam definitely.”

Alisha Mehra

“The best language school in Copenhagen. I will highly recommend their courses in test preparation (PD2;PD3;Studieprøven).
Highly professional teachers with extensive experience, focused lessons, sample of tests for each year, homework check and the opportunity to participate online. Tusind TAK Kristina!”

Igor Shchetynskyi
“Danskbureauet was a great starting point for me after I moved to Denmark. In 2 intensive weeks, I went from being a novice to speaking conversational Danish, largely thanks to my teacher.”
Maurits Hekking
“We have had a lot of positive feedback about Danskbureauet; .. all the participants have been extremely satisfied and are making excellent progress. The lesson formats and teaching are exactly right for our needs. I hope that you will continue to work with us in the coming years. Thanks for everything!”
Post Language Officer, Den Amerikanske Ambassade
“As a personal language teacher for Danish and as well also as a personal coach, I cannot recommend Ea Gullan from Dankbureauet highly enough. Danskbureauet is very professional and the teachers are engaged to solve difficulties, some foreigners have with the Danish language.”
Karl Abromeit, MT Højgaard
“I took private Danish classes at Danskbureauet. I only had positive experiences: they identified my language problems, and helped overcome my difficulties with fluency. The classes were always focused and structured, and I also appreciated the flexibility in time.”
Noemi Rozlosnik, DTU

“This course was fantastic, the teacher was engaging and made things interesting. She also did a wonderful job making things applicable to everyday Danish and putting an emphasis on pronunciation. Highly recommend!”

Sofia Clark, Space 10
“I can simply say that without Danskbureauet I would not be functioning as well as I am in Denmark. The talented language teachers understand the difficulties students have learning Danish, and assimilating in the Danish society. They are patient, but also persistent — and the feeling that they want you to succeed is always there. My Danish vocabulary, grammar and, yes, pronunciation, would not be where it is today without having worked with Danskbureauet.”
Jenni Jepsen, goAgile

“Moving to a country where the language is very difficult to learn, may be rather frightening. And choosing the right language school was quite challenging, literally the most difficult part. For within a matter of weeks I was walking the streets and actually understanding most that was said to me. It filled me with moments of “awe”. And it’s those moments of “awe” that made me feel very much at home, and knowing that I definitely chose the right language school

Frank Smith
“Ea from Danskbureauet acted as Danish Lanuage Coach/Teacher for me and two other native Swedish speaking employees of my firm during autumn 2008. The teachers have great talent for identifying individual language problems, and are very good at tailoring a curriculum suitable for every person, no matter what level of skill that person may possess prior to the course. You can be sure that Danskbureauet will help you raise your language skills to new levels.”
Peter Holm, Høiberg

“Great teacher : smart, structured, serious and funny. Always interesting output or stories that add to the knowledge of the language another layer about the danish culture.”

Marie Lançon

“The course was well structured, teachers were knowledgeable and helpful.”

Marjan Bahador

“Birgitte, our teacher was always helpful and prepared. She made sure that she answered our questions and gave detailed feedbacks. I had a great experience and learned a lot so I would definitely recommend the language school.”

Barbara Vass
“I was impressed by the practical, tailored approach to the lessons. The focus on pronunciation and written Danish, and the challenges in navigating across and between these elements of the language, was incredibly useful.”
Julia Postle
“I had a good learning and personal experience with Danskbureauet, they have a high understanding of the challenges, difficulties and needs of a foreigner working in Denmark. Besides I remark their ability to listen and the motivating method.”
Lydia Botero, Hofor
“Ea from Danskbureauet coached me only 16 times and normally once per week for 1.5 or 2 hours. As a language teacher, she quickly identified my problems in Danish and helped me overcome them by using very effective methods… I got the score 12 in both reading and writing parts of Prøve i Dansk 2 when I finished my classes at Danskbureauet. For foreigners who want to learn Danish in a fast and effective way, Ea and her Danskbureauet can be highly recommended!”
Qingnan Li
“The instructional approach of Danskbureauet has been very useful in helping me to develop an ability to communicate using the correct pronunciation. I would highly recommend the services of Danskbureauet to anyone looking to improve their Danish language skills.”
Ambassadør Peter Lundy , The Canadian Embassy

“I would definitely recommend this course if you really want to pass PD3 exam. I passed it in the first attempt thanks to my great teacher at Danskbureauet. I recommended it to my friends who also passed PD3 exam after attending this course.”

Chintan Naik

“When I started my classes with Ea for the studieprøven test, passing seemed impossible. But between October and December she got me there and I passed. Very personalised classes, lots of patience and great teaching!”

Ina Amaro Kjær

“I found the platform very professional and what I liked a lot was that management showed flexibility on the financial part of the course. We have had 2 teachers which Niels was very very strong and knowledgeable, On the other hand both teachers were very flexible on the timing and we canceled one of our sessions just one hour before the class! I would say we could not pass the PD3 without your help guys and many thanks for all the efforts.”

Reza Besmel

“I always felt like Danish was too overwhelming for me. Even though I speak 5 other languages, I never found any of those so difficult to pronounce, which made me very insecure and shy whenever I had to say something in Danish. Danskbureauet has helped me overcome that insecurity and I now feel much more comfortable in social situations, which is a very big relief!”

Alberto Alonso Fernández
“I ran the Language Training Program at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen for two years, and have been delighted with the Danish-language instruction provided by Danskbureauet. The teachers from Danskbureauet are quickly to understand and fulfill the unique requirements of the embassy employees and family members. In addition to great classes, Danskbureauet is a highly professional and responsive business, always on schedule with invoices and flexible with class schedules when required.”
Geoffrey Wessel
“I had two week intensive Danish lessons at Danskbureauet and the results after this two weeks were great. I was absolute convinced about the methodic of the course. The teacher was very flexible but still in line with Danskbureauet’s concept, which was great. I can absolutely recommend Danskbureauet…”
Sandra Neelmeyer

“I presented the oral part of the PD3 exam yesterday and got a 10. Thank you for all the great tutoring that definitely pushed me forward and gave me the confidence I needed to pass.”

Elizabeth Torres

“I loved the teaching style and the one on one way the teachers pay attention to the pupils. Most importantly I like the friends I made through Danskbureauet.”

Joy Akomaye

“Good method effective and fast. Excellent teachers”

Fabiola Gonzales

“Our teacher is the best ever. First of all she is very smart and adept, second of all she doesn’t evoke stress and make things complicated as others do. I want to congratulate you for having such a skilful and dedicated person!”

Deyvid Faris

“I would love to join again sometime in the future but I would specifically want to join Niels’ class as he is extremely good with pronunciation and he really wants to help you learn and understand. Regarding the books and the course structure- I feel the books are extremely informative and are much easier to learn from compared to the Government school I am now attending. Small things like glottal stops , emphasis on where to pause in a sentence etc are explained so well in Danskbureauet books. Overall I think I learnt a lot in a short amount of time especially the enunciation of the words. I had a great learning experience”

Arshia Ahuja
“I’m really happy with what a learned in the class and I really liked the method they use to teach! The teachers paid attention in all my questions and helped with any doubt I had. I recommend this class for everybody who wants to learn how to speak Danish! They do a great job!”
Jessica Soares

“This was the best Danish course I took so far. The teacher is very professional and motivated and gave personalized attention for each student. I wouldn´t hesitate in recommending this course.”

Quenia dos Santos Riedel

“A unique approach to learning Danish with a focus on listening and pronunciation which I personally find the most difficult part of learning a language. The classes are really well structured and the teachers are excellent at keeping the students engaged during the intensive course.”

Alexander Innes

“I cannot emphasize enough what a wonderful, thoughtful, dedicated and knowledgeable teacher Stine is. She has taught me three Direkte Dansk courses. In my opinion,  as an educator for more than 10 years, her follow-through and attention to the individual’s needs are absolutely top-notch. You have a gem on your hands.

Thanks for a great experience!”

Katie Jørgensen
“It’s a very good course with professional teachers who focus mostly in the pronunciation. A special thanks to Niels (Direkte dansk2) and Michael (Direct Danish 1). It was very good to be their student, they always gave a quality class. Thanks for the course and the whole collective.”
Pedro Pablo Bravo

“Great course, taught me a much larger vocabulary than the previous school I have used in Denmark”

Heidi Baltzer Ginsborg

“I have tried two other language schools before Danskbureauet and none can compare with the teaching methods used in Danskbureauet. The quality of teaching is excellent. The course content is precise and the teacher was very engaging, she was explaining very well and she was making sure our pronunciation is correct. I would definitely continue learning Danish with Danskbureauet.”

Mariya Bivolarova
“I have been very happy with the courses and with my professional teacher. I had some Danish lessons before at another place but the outcome was not very good. This time I felt that my teacher was looking at my needs and level and created the perfect setup to improve my Danish.”
Irie Leon
“I took a series of Danish classes from Danskbureauet when I first moved to Denmark. They were hard, but they made sure that my pronunciations were clear and I had a lot of vocabulary… People are amazing at how clean my pronunciations are. I haven’t seen that in other schools. I highly recommend Danskbureauet if you want to get a good handle on the Danish language.”
Kristin Korb, musician
“Through my time spent in Denmark, Danskbureauet has been an integral factor in spurring my Danish language development. I’ve taken a Danish crash course, as well as private lessons for years. I had also attended the municipality’s Danish lessons and these extra lessons at Danskbureauet always gave me an advantage. So, yes, if you want to sharpen the blade and cut through it all, I recommend Danskbureauet.”
Torval Thronberg, Ticketmaster
“I thought that I was immunized (resistant) to Danish……Danskbureauet proved me wrong :-)”
Professor Tomasz Wojdacz, Århus Universitet

“I highly recommend Danskbureauet for those that are awaiting their eligibility to take government-funded courses or those that are not eligible. The course is well-designed, with material that has you using Danish in many different directions– reading Danish conversations, memorising and performing dialogues, grammar exercises, writing Danish, and conversation practice. A solid foundation in Danish can be achieved in a very short period of time at Danskbureauet.”

Ellen Pucke
“I am glad to praise the excellent job performed by Danskbureauet when I took a very intensive Danish language course in July 2006. I found the teachers to be a reliable, flexible and hard working, while their teaching methods proved very effective.”
Marco Dalla Ragione, Caffè River
“Flexible, structured and very dedicated, Danskbureauet delivered as promised.
Highly recommended.”
Mark Ennis, Endress + Hauser
“I’m so happy I chose to begin learning Danish with Danskbureauet! I had the pleasure of working with Jacob, and he was knowledgeable and organized, and created a safe and warm learning environment.”
Allison Attenello

“I am satisfied with Dansk 1 course with a wonderful teacher and awesome classmates. I have been highly motivated to learn danish language more. Thank you for providing such a inspiring experience”

Usha Lama