Welcome to Danskbureauet

At Danskbureauet we assure you the best possible experience in language learning.  Whether you are starting from scratch, or simply want to improve your Danish at a higher level, we take you as our starting point and work hard to help you reach your desired goals in the shortest possible time.

  • Our private courses are flexible and designed to meet your needs
  • Our team courses are intensive, targeted and effective
  • Our expertise ensures you a rapid progression and an pronunciation that also the Danes will understand!

We are looking forward to working with you!

Danskbureauet’s team

Ea has taught Danish to newcomers since 2000. She began her Danish teaching career with one of the country’s most sought after language centers. Ea founded Danskbureauet in 2006.

Key teaching specialties:

• One on one language coaching
• Pronunciation
• Written Danish and grammar
• Exam preparation
• Teacher training

Ea is the author of “Direkte Dansk 1”, a highly effective educational book for beginners. Published by Alfabeta, Direkte Dansk 1 forms the basis of our beginner courses.

Ea is responsible for training and supervision of the Danskbureauet teaching staff. She also engages in teacher training of the “Audio-lingual Method” and pronunciation training at language schools across Denmark.

When needed, Ea works various process facilitating and conflict resolution skills into her teaching. She is a true expert in her field and a genuinely captivated and curious individual.

Ea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Danish Language and Communication and is based in Copenhagen.

Jacob has taught Danish to newcomers since 1999. He also served as development manager and chief consultant for a major Danish education company from 2008 until joining Danskbureauet in 2016.

Key teaching specialties:

• One on one adult education
• Pronunciation training
• Teacher training
• Quality assurance and concept development of targeted Danish language courses

Jacob also teaches business and conversational English for private companies and public institutions. He has extensive experience working with companies and organizations to develop targeted course strategies and materials.

As a teacher, Jacob is highly professional and ambitious on behalf of his students.

Jacob holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Diploma in Business Administration and is based in Copenhagen.


Danskbureauet teaches newcomers to Denmark as well as non native speaking Danes returning to Denmark to work for international companies and educational institutions.  Over the years, we have also taught staff of smaller local businesses, Danish government ministries and foreign embassies.  We are one of the most sought after and highly regarded private language schools in Denmark.
We employ a variety of language coaching techniques to ensure that each student maximizes his/her individual language learning potential.  We organize and target our courses so that each student learns the most possible Danish in the least amount of time.  We are true experts in uncovering the learning potential of each individual student and adjusting our courses to best maximize that potential.
We systematically monitor the effectiveness of our courses through continuous student evaluations and feedback. We develop our own course materials to ensure that the content and focus of each course is tailored to your individual and/or corporate needs. We train and supervise our language consultants to best develop their professional skills.
Since Danskbureauet was founded in 2006, we have employed more than 50 professional teachers and taught Danish to more than 1500 highly educated foreigners, including doctors, students, business leaders and scientists

Our Language consultants

Common to each of Danskbureauet’s language consultants is the motivation to be PROFESSIONAL, ENGAGED, and RESULTS FOCUSED!

  • We have between 4-20 years’ experience in teaching Danish to newcomers
  • We are university trained linguists
  • We have dedicated our careers to teaching Danish as a second language. It is our passion as well as our livelihood
  • We are situated and drive out from different places in Denmark.

Feel free to call us and find out where our nearest consultant is located.


“I’m so happy I chose to begin learning Danish with Danskbureauet! I had the pleasure of working with Jacob, and he was knowledgeable and organized, and created a safe and warm learning environment. Danskbureauet’s program is well-structured, the course materials are useful, and I was able to adapt the schedule to meet my needs. Danskbureauet was exactly what I needed to build my skills and confidence in Danish.”

Allison Attenello

“Ea from Danskbureauet acted as Danish Lanuage Coach/Teacher for me and two other native Swedish speaking employees of my firm during autumn 2008. The teachers have great talent for identifying individual language problems, and are very good at tailoring a curriculum suitable for every person, no matter what level of skill that person may possess prior to the course. You can be sure that Danskbureauet will help you raise your language skills to new levels.”

Peter Holm, Høiberg

Our company clients