Danish courses for foreigners

At Danskbureauet, we design efficient private courses in Danish to foreigners. Our professional consultants in Copenhagen are available to commute to private individuals and companies throughout Denmark. We also gladly meet you online, if you live abroad.

You are also most welcome in our comfortable offices at Peder Skrams Gade, 5 min. from Kgs. Nytorv Station and Nyhavn in Copenhagen. Here we do both private courses and courses for small teams with plenty of room for each of our participants.

Our private Danish courses are flexible and designed to cater for both individual and organizational needs. Our team courses are highly efficient, dynamic, personal, goal-oriented and great fun. Our innovative approach to learning Danish ensures a rapid and effective progression in language skills. It provides you with a rich and supportive professional learning experience as you learn to master the Danish language. And it gives you all the tools and guidance needed to develop a proper pronunciation, which the Danes can understand without any problems!


Who we are

We are professional, dedicated teachers with great expertise and more than 20 years’ experience in teaching Danish.

We teach newcomers to Denmark as well as non native speaking Danes returning to Denmark to study or work for international companies and educational institutions. Over the years, we have also taught staff of smaller local businesses, Danish government ministries and foreign embassies.  We are one of the most sought after and highly regarded private language schools in Denmark.

Ea Gullan Kerr
Ea Gullan KerrPartner & director
Jacob Madsen
Jacob MadsenPartner & director


“I was very impressed by how skilled my teacher was. She was instantly able to see through my communicational difficulties so that we could work on them straight away. I strongly recommend Danskbureauet as highly competent and professional Danish teachers”

Cedal Sahin (kur)

“I want to thank Danskbureauet for your support and help. I am been incredibly happy for our corporation and I am still impressed that I was able to pass ‘Studieprøven’ with such good grades. I would never have achieved such a victory without your professionalism. Thank you so much!”

Cristiane Jensen (bra)

“Through Danskbureauet’s teaching I improved my Danish pronunciation. My teacher was really good at explaining and coach me to make the Danish sounds which can be hard for an English native speaker as myself. At the same time, she made it fun and motivating to speak Danish”

Rama Mistry Olsen (eng)

I’ve decided to write you a small note, thanking you for your help. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely; you are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work, it’s meant so much to me. Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience!

Donygrek N. (2015)

I love everything about Danskbureauet. From kind people responding quickly all my emails, with questions about the course, to our amazing teacher, book and the structure of the course, its intensity and a fact we were only 8 students at class. I cannot imagine learning so much if we were 20 students in class like they are in other language schools. Also I really appreciated we didn’t play games and we didn’t waste time on “talk to your classmate and give each other feedback” exercises. All the feedback was coming straightly from our teacher, which was great. Time was always flying during our classes, even though they were actually long. I can see a progress and I would love to continue with Danskbureauet if my schedule allows it in the future.

Veronika Mulasikova

“I highly recommend Danskbureauet’s pronunciation course to any foreigner who wishes to improve their Danish fast and efficiently. I improved my pronunciation and gained more confidence at my work place.”

Najeeb Khawaja (pak)
We have had a lot of positive feedback about Danskbureauet; .. all the participants have been extremely satisfied and are making excellent progress. The lesson formats and teaching are exactly right for our needs. I hope that you will continue to work with us in the coming years. Thanks for everything!

Post Language Officer, Den Amerikanske Ambassade

“I took an intensive private Danish course at Danskbureauet in 2009. Ea is a fantastic teacher, and the course was precisely tailored to my needs. After just one month of high-paced learning, people stopped switching over to English when I tried to communicate in Danish with them. Three years on, and I still happily recommend Danskbureauet when someone asks where I’ve learned Danish so well. The best investment I’ve ever made! :)”

Zsusanna Sükösd, PhD student at Århus Universitet

“I have been very happy with the courses and with my professional teacher. I had some Danish lessons before at another place but the outcome was not very good. This time I felt that my teacher was looking at my needs and level and created the perfect setup to improve my Danish.”

Irie Leon
“Flexible, structured and very dedicated, Danskbureauet delivered as promised. Highly recommended.”
Mark Ennis (Service Manager), Endress + Hauser
“The instructional approach of Danskbureauet has been very useful in helping me to develop an ability to communicate using the correct pronunciation. I would highly recommend the services of Danskbureauet to anyone looking to improve their Danish language skills.”
Peter Lundy (Ambassadør), Den Canadiske Ambassade

Do you have any questions?

You are always welcome to call us. We would also like to invite you to an indtroductory, non-binding trial lesson before you choose your course with us.

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