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Our open group courses are held for smaller groups at our very central location at Peder Skrams Gade. We keep the size of our teams down to give space and time to every single participant. Here you will not be lost in the crowd.

We put our teams together as homogenous as possible and specializes our tutoring to meet every participant’s specific needs. We match up individual members to create dynamic and stimulating learning environments.

If you are not sure which team will suit you best, we are here to help. Feel free to call us today or write an email to us.

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Danish courses

Danish for beginners

Do you want to learn Danish fast and efficiently? And do you wish speak an understandable and correct Danish from the start?

Danish courses

Danish for intermediates

Have you taken a Danish course corresponding to level A1? Do want to get more fluent in Danish?

What to expect

  • Dedicated teachers with a strong commitment
  • Small teams with room for every single student
  • A dynamic environment with motivated co-students
  • Direct, personal feedback from your teacher
  • A steep learning curve (and quite a bit of homework)
  • A remarkable improvement of your Danish in short time


“I love everything about Danskbureauet. From kind people responding quickly all my emails, with questions about the course, to our amazing teacher, book and the structure of the course, its intensity and a fact we were only 8 students at class. I cannot imagine learning so much if we were 20 students in class like they are in other language schools. Also I really appreciated we didn’t play games and we didn’t waste time on “talk to your classmate and give each other feedback” exercises. All the feedback was coming straightly from our teacher, which was great. Time was always flying during our classes, even though they were actually long. I can see a progress and I would love to continue with Danskbureauet if my schedule allows it in the future.”

Veronika Mulasikova

“I loved the teaching style and the one on one way the teachers pay attention to the pupils. Most importantly I like the friends I made through Danskbureauet”

Joy Akomaye