Danish courses for intermediates in Copenhagen

Have you taken a beginners course in Danish and do you want to improve your Danish even more?

Have you taken one of our beginners courses in Danish or an equivalent beginners course corresponding to level A1? Then sign up for one of our group courses in Danish for intermediates held in Copenhagen. Our condensed course concept “Direct Danish” ensures you a fast and efficient progression that emphasizes establishing correct pronunciation and fluency while speaking real-life Danish, usable in the real-world outside the classroom.

Small teams with 6-8 participants

Get talk time and personal feedback

Gain your self-confidence working in a small team

A strong and effective method

Direkte dansk

Fast forward to fluency with our well-structured course program

Focus on your pronunciation

We correct your pronunciation

Minimizing your accent through constant guidance

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All team courses are only until the assembly limited will be raised to 10 people

Direkte Dansk 2 (A2)

  • 30 lessons *
  • Monday and Thursday
  • 6-8 participants

Direkte Dansk 3 (A2+)

  • 30 lessons *
  • Tuesday and Friday
  • 6-8 participants

Direkte Dansk 4 (B1)

  • 30 lessons *
  • Monday and Thursday
  • 6-8 participants

*If 6-8 participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 2,5 lessons per class. If four-five participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 2 lessons per class. 

What does it require?

Our courses are for individuals who are eager to work intensively to learn the language. We expect that you have at least 12 years of schooling and you are willing to do 2-4 hours of homework between classes. As we use English as a mutual language platform until we have established your Danish, it is important that you both speak and understand English.

How long does it take to learn Danish?

We can take you all the way through DU3 in only 48 weeks, doing 8 courses of each 6 weeks. Our course, Direkte dansk 2, consist of 12 classes of each 2,5 lessons of each 45 minutes, plus a 15-minute break. You can also settle for the first 3 weeks only, if that suits you better. The price for the first 3 weeks is 1.980 DKK.

When you pass our course, Direkte dansk 2, you are able to talk about things such as your home and furniture, shopping, meals and groceries, school, work, leisure and the weather. After only 48 weeks you will be ready to pass the PD3 exam (corresponding the end of module 5 at a municipal language center) and you will be performing well in Danish both at your work place as well as in your everyday life.


It’s a very good course with professional teachers who focus mostly in the pronunciation. A special thanks to Niels (Direkte dansk2) and Michael (Direct Danish 1). It was very good to be their student, they always gave a quality class. Thanks for the course and the whole collective.
Pedro Pablo Bravo
“I took an intensive private Danish course at Danskbureauet in 2009. Ea is a fantastic teacher, and the course was precisely tailored to my needs. After just one month of high-paced learning, people stopped switching over to English when I tried to communicate in Danish with them. Three years on, and I still happily recommend Danskbureauet when someone asks where I’ve learned Danish so well. The best investment I’ve ever made! :)”
Zsusanna Sükösd, PhD student at Århus Universitet
Jeg vil gerne takke Danskbureauet for jeres støtte og hjælp. Jeg har været utrolig glad for vores samarbejde, og jeg er stadig væk imponeret over, at jeg har bestået Studieprøven med utrolig gode karakterer. Sådan en sejr ville jeg ikke have opnået, hvis det ikke var for jeres professionalisme. Derfor skal I have pæn tak! Tusind tak skal I have!
Cristiane Jensen (bra)

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Danish for beginners

Are you eager to learn Danish fast and well? Sign up for our 6-week Danish course for beginners and be off to a good start in fluent, understandable Danish.

Flexible Danish lessons

Do you have an intense workday or frequently travel? With flexible Danish lessons, we meet where and when it suits you.

Semiprivate lessons in Danish

Do you have a study partner? Or do you want us to find an appropriate one for you? Semiprivate lessons in Danish can as private lessons follow either a flexible or a fixed schedule and take place at either your or our premises.