Team tuition

Do you have a team of employees, Danes or foreigners, who needs a Danish language upgrade?

Our team courses are intensive, goal-oriented and efficient. We design the courses to fit the needs of all participants. Our instructors are proactive and engaging professionals who expect the same enthusiasm from the team! We recommend no more than six participants in each team; this is to ensure that the students can realize their maximum potential.

Team Tuition classes can be held before, in and after regular working hours at either your company premises or at ours in Copenhagen and Aarhus.


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“We have had a lot of positive feedback about Danskbureauet; .. all the participants have been extremely satisfied and are making excellent progress. The lesson formats and teaching are exactly right for our needs. I hope that you will continue to work with us in the coming years. Thanks for everything!”

Post Language Officer, Den Amerikanske Ambassade
Danskbureauet is well worth the investment of time and money for anyone coming from outside of Denmark. It is especially for anyone needing support and input and a push in the right direction in relation to the language. A good assessment of one’s ability along with a level of ‘bespoke’ teaching and training tailored to the individual’s needs and requirements makes Danskbureauet the perfect option for any non-Dane needing to learn or improve on their Danish.”

Gillian Ruth Mathiesen


Danish for beginners online

Danish course for beginners

Are you eager to learn Danish fast and well? Sign up for our 6-week Danish course for beginners and be off to a good start in fluent, understandable Danish.

Individual Tuition

Language skills are crucial to be thriving at work. We design one-to-one Danish courses that comply with individual as well as organizational needs.

Full immersion

Do you need a gentle yet efficient push into finally speaking Danish with confidence or do you simply need to learn the language bottom up on a tight deadline?