Private lessons online

Are you just too busy to come to our offices, or are you located abroad?

Private lessons can easily be taken via our interactive virtual classroom. We create a customized curriculum and select the appropriate materials for your course. Our online courses give you excactly the same attention as you would receive when meeting onsite.

You can meet your personal language instructor online from any location in the world following a schedule of your choice regardless of differences in time zones. We plan a schedule that fits your needs, if you depend on flexible classes, we are happy to provide you with courses that you can schedule based on your availability. If you can follow a fixed schedule, we have some specific offers to choose from here.

  • A trial session of 30 minutes can give you a feel for the concept, completely free of charge.

Sign up for 12 weeks

  • 12 hours
  • 12 x 60 minutes

Sign up for 12 weeks

  • 24 lessons
  • 12 x 90 minutes

Sign up for 18 weeks

  • 36 lessons
  • 18 x 90 minutes


“I took private Danish classes at Danskbureauet. I only had positive experiences: they identified my language problems, and helped overcome my difficulties with fluency. The classes were always focused and structured, and I also appreciated the flexibility in time.”

Noemi Rozlosnik, DTU
“I took an intensive private Danish course at Danskbureauet in 2009. Ea is a fantastic teacher, and the course was precisely tailored to my needs. After just one month of high-paced learning, people stopped switching over to English when I tried to communicate in Danish with them. Three years on, and I still happily recommend Danskbureauet when someone asks where I’ve learned Danish so well. The best investment I’ve ever made! :)”

Zsusanna Sükösd, Århus Universitet
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Flexible private lessons in Danish

Is your calendar completely impossible? Or are you only free at particular times? Let us meet when it suits you.