PD2 online courses

Have you signed up for Prøve i Dansk 2? Or are you planning to do so in the near future?

At Danskbureauet you can train online for Prøve i Dansk 2 in 3 different ways. Regardless your choosing, you will get online access to a substantial amount of old PD2 exam materials and a personal instructor with many years of experience who will be able to tell you exactly what you need to improve to pass the test.

All options are for students who are already at level B1 (DU3, module 4 or DU2, module 5/6).

Small teams with 6-8 participants

Get more time on you

Get personal feedback and answers to all of your questions

Expert teachers

Get all our good tips and advice

After many years of experience, we know what it takes to pass

100% focus on the exam

Intensive exam training

Make all the old exam papers and get in shape for the exam

Do you have any questions?

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PD2 written

The PD2 written course gives you the chance to practice the exam by taking eight earlier exams. You hand in the assignments as often as it suits you. Your personal instructor will return them within three business days and you will be able to follow their advice on how to improve your test score. You can continue to work on the written assignments and hand them in another time for final feedback.

PD2 private

Do you want your teacher’s full attention, when it suits you best? With PD2 Private you get six private lessons of 60 minutes online. This course gives you the opportunity to both receive oral feedback on your written assignments (which you hand in by mail) as well as give up to six presentations followed by exam questions and feedback from your personal instructor.

PD2 group class

Our PD2 group class gives you the chance to prepare well for the exam in a small online group setting of only 6-8 participants. We meet once a week for 12 or 8 weeks.

During the course, you will hand in an old PD2 exam (the written and the reading comprehension assignments) for each class and give at least two presentations that mimic the oral exam. You will hand in your written assignments via email two days before each class for your teacher to prepare a personal feedback to you. Our teachers for these teams have already led many students to the PD2 exam and know what is required to pass. You will get all the feedback and all the input you need.

You are also welcome to only join the last 8 classes of the course, saving you 1000 kroner on the course price.

Remember to register for the exam at your local language school. The deadline is early March or August.

PD2 written

  • 8 assigments via mail
  • feedback within 3 days
  • 1 participant

PD2 private

  • 6 hours
  • upon agreement
  • 1 participant

PD2 group, all 12 weeks

  • Fridays 16.30-19.00
  • *36 lessons

PD2 group, last 8 weeks

  • Fridays 16.30-19.00
  • *24 lessons

*If 6-8 participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 3 lessons per class. If only five participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 2,5 lessons per class. If only four participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 2 lessons per class.

Is your written Danish good enough?

We can help you find out what it takes for you to pass the PD2 exam.

Receive a questionnaire and a written assignment from a previous PD2 exam.

Fill out the questionnaire, write the assignment and send it back to us. We will get back to you with our feedback within two working days.

Yes please, send me a written assignment


“The best course structure I have ever come across. I would recommend it to everyone who is willing and have the time. Absolutely superb.”

Yllka Misini

“I was very impressed by how skilled my teacher was. She was instantly able to see through my communicational difficulties, so that we could work on them strait away. I strongly recommend Danskbureauet as highly competent and professional Danish teachers.”

Cedal Sahin

“Ea from Danskbureauet coached me only 16 times and normally once per week for 1.5 or 2 hours. As a language teacher, she quickly identified my problems in Danish and helped me overcome them by using very effective methods… I got the score 12 in both reading and writing parts of Prøve i Dansk 2 when I finished my classes at Danskbureauet. For foreigners who want to learn Danish in a fast and effective way, Ea and Danskbureauet can be highly recommended!”

Qingnan Li


PD3 online exam course

At Danskbureauet you can train online for Prøve i Dansk 3 in 3 different ways.

Danish course for intermediates

Have you taken a Danish course corresponding to level A1? Do want to get more fluent in Danish? Take one of our Danish courses for intermediates.


Flexible Danish lessons

Are you looking for a goal-oriented course at a steady pace? Flexible private lessons in Danish ensure a continuous progression.