Studieprøven online course

Can we help you pass the Studieprøven exam?

You can train online for the Studieprøven exam in 3 different ways. Regardless your choosing, you will get online access to a substantial amount of old exam materials and a personal instructor with many years of experience who will be able to tell you exactly what you need to improve to pass the test.

SP written

The SP written course gives you the chance to practice the exam by taking 8 earlier exams. You hand in the assignments as often as it suits you. Your personal instructor will return them within 3 business days and you will be able to follow their advice on how to improve your test score. Each written assignment can be handed in twice for follow up feedback from your instructor.

SP group class

Our SP group class gives you the chance to prepare well for the exam in a small online group setting of only 4-6 participants. We meet once a week for 9 weeks. During the course, you will hand in at least 8 written exams and give at least 4 presentations that mimic the oral exam. You will hand in your written assignments via email 2 days before each class for your teacher to prepare a personal feedback to you. Our teachers for these teams have already led many students to the Studieprøven exam and know what is required to pass. You will get all the feedback and all the input you need.

SP private

Do you want your teacher’s full attention, when it suits you best? With SP Private you get 6 private lessons of 60 minutes online. This course gives you the opportunity to both receive oral feedback on your written assignments (which you hand in by mail) as well as give up to six presentations followed by exam questions and feedback from your personal instructor.

This course is for students who already master Danish at level B2/C1.

SP written

  • 8 assignments via mail
  • feedback within 3 days
  • 1 participant

SP group class

  • 8 classes
  • Tuesdays 17.30-20.00
  • 6-8 participants *

SP private

  • 6 hours
  • upon agreement
  • 1 participant

*If 6-8 participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 3 lessons per class. If only five participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 2,5 lessons per class. If only four participants sign up for one of these courses, it is held with 2 hours per class.


Det holdt hårdt – men nu er der et 12-tal i hus for den skriftlige fremstilling.
Tusind tak for hjælpen!
Kirstine (mom to a young, Danish woman living in the US), nov 2019
“Jeg vil gerne takke Danskbureauet for jeres støtte og hjælp. Jeg har været utrolig glad for vores samarbejde, og jeg er stadig væk imponeret over, at jeg har bestået Studieprøven med utrolig gode karakterer. Sådan en sejr ville jeg ikke have opnået, hvis det ikke var for jeres professionalisme. Derfor skal I have pæn tak! Tusind tak skal I have!”
Christiane Jensen

NB! Remember to register for the exam at your local language school. The deadline is early March or September.

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Studieprøven courses in CPH

Do you live near Copenhagen? Then you can also sign up for one of our group courses held in Copenhagen here.

Flexible private lessons

Do you have an intense workday or frequently travel? With flexible Danish lessons, we meet where and when it suits you. Flexible private lessons in Danish ensure a continuous progression.

Private lessons online

Are you just too busy to come to our offices, or are you located abroad? Private lessons can easily be taken via our interactive virtual classroom.