Flexible Danish lessons

Do you have an intense workday or frequently travel? With flexible Danish lessons, we meet where and when it suits you. It does not have to be the same day of the week and if you need to have longer breaks between classes, we are more than willing to accommodate.

We can schedule from one class to the next and you can cancel your flexible Danish lessons up to the weekday before 12pm – free of charge.

What do you get?

  • An exceptional expert tutor focusing 100% on you
  • At least 50% of the speaking time
  • An active, useful Danish from day 1
  • A close to perfect pronunciation
  • A huge vocabulary in short time
  • A fast progression
  • A well-structured, customized course
  • The absolutely best developed and result making concept on the market
  • Online course materials including soundfiles, always accessible for your homework

Efficient Danish courses that fit your schedule

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