Private Danish lessons

Choosing private Danish lessons, you will receive our bespoke service. No matter how far you wish to progress your Danish, our highly specialised tutors will be with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive an intensive education that is focused on your needs. Private Danish lessons are tailored to both your learning style and expectations.

Your lessons will be planned specifically to your needs and wishes. If you have a busy schedule, we are very flexible in our approach and will arrange your intensive course around your schedule. If you wish to ensure a steady progression, we recommend doing at least one session a week. If you need to learn Danish very quickly, you might consider a full immersion.

These are your options

Private Danish lessons are available at either our premises, at yours or online.

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Flexible Danish lessons

Is your calendar completely impossible? Or are you only free at particular times? Let us meet when it suits you.

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Intensive Danish lessons

Are you looking for a goal-oriented course at a steady pace?

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Full immersion

Do you need to learn Danish on a tight deadline?

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Semiprivate lessons

Do you have a study partner? Or do you want us to find you one?

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