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An online course in Studieprøven gives you the chance to practice the exam by taking earlier exams which we send you via email, and you hand in whenever it suits you. Your personal instructor will return them within 3 business days and you will be able to follow their advice on how to improve your test score. The written assignments can be handed in one more time for follow up feedback from your instructor. Your instructor will have had many years of experience preparing students to Studieprøven and will be able to tell you exactly what you need to improve to pass the test.

The exam material consists of:

  • 4 reading comprehension assignments
  • 1 written assignment – that you each hand in two times

You can choose to take either 6 of these exam ‘packages’ for 3980 DKK or 12 for 6980 DKK.

Blended learning

Do you also need to practice for the oral part of the exam? Would you like thorough feedback on your prepared presentations before the exam itself? You can combine the online course with six private lessons of 45 minutes online. This will give you the opportunity to give six presentations followed by exam questions and feedback from your personal instructor.
Total price: 6.980 DKK (including 6 assignments) or 9980 DKK (including 12 assignments)

We are also happy to provide a larger offer, if you are in need of more practice. We can also send you an example of how your teacher will correct your written texts.

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