Danish courses in Copenhagen

Our open group courses are held for smaller groups at our very central location inside International House Copenhagen. We keep the size of our teams down to give space and time to every single participant. Here you will not be lost in the crowd.

We put our teams together as homogenous as possible and specializes our tutoring to meet every participant’s specific needs. We match up individual members to create dynamic and stimulating learning environments. If you are not sure which team will suit you best, we are here to help. Feel free to call us and set up a no-obligation visit.

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Pronunciation course

Do you often experience that you are not understood even though you speak Danish fluently?

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Communication course

Do you find it hard to get your point of view across in a discussion or a debate in Danish?

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Business writing

Are you embarrassed about your emails? Or does it simply take too long to send them off?

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Academic writing

Do you find it hard to get started when writing assignments at your education? Is your Danish not advanced enough?

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