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Do you often experience that you are not understood even though you speak Danish fluently? Or, do you find it difficult to understand what people are saying when they speak quickly?

If so, then this intensive course is for you. If you already speak Danish fluently at B2/C1 level but are still struggling to master Danish pronunciation, then you have likely found that this has hindered effective communication in your everyday life; on the job; at school or at home.

During this 9 week course, you will be given a thorough introduction of Danish pronunciation followed up by plenty of exercises that are aimed directly at eliminating your errors. We also provide you with mp3 files to rehearse after every lesson. A course book is included in the course fee.

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Feb. 5 Tuesdays 13.00–15.00 6980 DKK
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Feb. 5 Tuesdays 16.30-18.30 6980 DKK
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Apr. 23 Tuesdays 13.00–15.00 6980 DKK
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Apr. 23 Tuesdays 16.30-18.30 6980 DKK
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Number of participants: 3-4. If only two participants sign up to one of these courses, it is held with 1.5 hours per session.

  • Here you can finally improve your pronunciation, in a way that people will be able to tell the difference
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