Communication Courses

Do you find it hard to get your point of view across in a discussion or a debate in Danish? Do you find it difficult to share your opinion at work meetings? Or do you just want to be able to express yourself fully in a range of subjects?

Join the conversation and get your points of view across

If you wish to strengthen your argumentation in Danish and develop your oral communication then this course is for you! You get to make introductions and debate topical themes, followed by feedback from the team coach. The feedback is focused on both pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, argumentation and coherence. You can expect a couple of hours of homework between each class.

The course is designed for students at level C1. If you are not sure about your Danish level, please do contact us to establish your level before enrolment.

  • There is no more than 4 participants in each team, to make sure there is time for every person to express their point of views

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  • 12 Wednesdays, 13.00-15.00
  • 30* lessons
  • 4-6 participants

*If only three participants sign up to one of these courses, it is held with 1.5 hours per class, 24 lessons in total.


Jeg har netop afsluttet et kursusforløb hos Danskbureauet, hvor mit mål var at blive bedre til mundtlig dansk. Jeg blev meget imponeret over, hvor dygtig underviseren var. Hun kunne med det samme gennemskue, hvor jeg havde problemer med kommunikationen, og vi kunne arbejde på det med det samme. … Jeg vil stærkt anbefale Danskbureauet, som meget dygtige og professionelle danskundervisere.
Cedal Sahin
Læreren var exceptionel på alle måder. Jeg satte stor pris på, at hun tog sig tid til at optage individuelle lydfiler til os med de ord, vi havde vanskeligt ved at udtale.
Gillian Ruth Mathiesen
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