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Jacob Madsen

Partner & Director
Cell: +45 71701600
Office: +45 35141600

Ea Gullan Kerr

Partner & Director
Cell: +45 30111600
Office: +45 35141600

Jessie Leigh

Language Consultant
Cell: +45 42571600
Office: +45 35141600

Louise del Rosario

Student Assistant
Office: +45 35141600

About Ea Kerr

Ea has taught Danish as a second language since the year 2000 – first as a language teacher, examiner and teacher trainer at one of the most successful language schools in Denmark and subsequently at Danskbureauet which she founded in 2006. Ea designs and provides Danish courses for numerous private companies and public institutions in Denmark and abroad. Ea develops course concepts and course materials and manages teacher training and supervision of Danskbureauet’s teaching staff. Ea is engaged in both national and international language teaching and coaching associations. She holds a degree in Danish Lauguage and Communication Studies from Roskilde University.

About Jacob Madsen

Jacob has taught Danish as a second language since 1999. Prior to becoming partner at Danskbureauet, he held positions as the Head of Development and Senior Consultant at a major Danish language school since 2008. In this capacity, Jacob designed and provided courses in Danish and English for numerous private companies and public institutions in Denmark and abroad. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing customized Danish and English language course concepts and materials in close collaboration with private companies and public organizations. He also has extensive experience as head of teacher training and teacher supervision for large teaching staffs. Jacob participates in several EU-learning partnerships in order to be at the cutting edge of the development within the fields of second language acquisition, e-learning and intercultural communication. Jacob holds a university degree in English and additional specialization in Nordic Philology from Aalborg University and is a Diploma Graduate in Business Administration.

Our language teachers

Danskbureauet has put together a dedicated group of language specialists teaching Danish as a second language as well as teaching English to Danes and foreigners. Teaching Danish as the preferred language for business and social life throughout Denmark is our core business. However, we also provide customized, high quality courses in corporate English. All of Danskbureauet’a teachers hold a university degree in language study and have between 4 and 20 years of teaching experience.

Why choose us

At Danskbureauet, the student does not waste any time and will benefit fully. Our aim is always to organize and customize our courses so that the student will learn language quickly. We are experts at identifying the student’s immediate learning potential and individual needs and we structure our courses accordingly. We ensure course quality systematically through continuous evaluations and feedback from our students. We produce our own course materials in order to make sure that the content and focus is customized to suit the individual company and student. Most importantly, we are experts in instructing our students in Danish pronunciation, and we provide a fun and invigorating environment for language instruction.

History of Danskbureauet

Since its start in 2006, Danskbureauet has employed more than 40 professional Danish language teachers and has provided Danish language instruction to more than 1,200 highly educated foreigners, including medical professionals, students, business people and scientists. Danskbureauet mainly attracts clients from the major international companies present in Denmark, as well as smaller local companies, ministries, embassies and through municipality job centres, which makes Danskbureauet one of the most sought after and highly regarded private language companies in Copenhagen.


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